Adair Cates

Self-Mastery Coach, Leadership Facilitator & Founder of First Lead You

As a self-mastery coach and Founder of First Lead You, Adair Cates helps busy, achievers ace their inner & outer worlds and become role models for self-mastery so that they're a positive force for good in the world .

She’s been speaking to audiences since the 3rd grade, has coached and trained front-line to executive-level leaders as a leadership consultant & coach in the software, healthcare, baby products and real estate industries for the last nine years and written two self-improvement books, Live with Intention and Fully Engaged. She has an MA in Training & Performance Improvement and is passionate about empowering female leaders and creating engaging and inspiring workplaces. She has a five-morning-a-week podcast The Morning Light Show and is obsessed with converting everyone into early risers and morning conquerers.

Her favorite quote is “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” She lives in Atlanta with her husband Chris, their four-year-old twin daughters, Coral and Joy.

Adair Cates Founder of First Lead You

Member Testimonials

  • For too long I felt like I was out on a lonely island on this journey to live consciously and grow constantly. I’d outgrown many of my friends, the achiever men in my life just didn’t ‘get it,’ yet I knew there had to be other women out there as passionate about living life and being their best as I was. I’m happy to say I’ve finally found a group of women who not only want the best for themselves but who also want the best for me. ~ Adair Cates
  • I was excited to meet fellow high-achieving women to create a mastermind. Joining this group did not meet my high expectations, it exceeded them by leaps and bounds!! These diverse successful women are badass, smart, hard-working, and are rocking it! But it is more than just the business acumen! The bonding and emotional support are transformative and life-changing! And to see women be strong and vulnerable and share their souls is exactly what I’ve been missing. ~ Jaime Hope
  • The GoBundance Men's Group was always something that intrigued me and I thought if only there was a Women's Chapter. Flash forward 5 years and to say the experience of being with these ladies was awe inspiring is an understatement. We laughed, cried and shared deeply of ourselves. This group of ladies challenges, supports, celebrates and pushes us all to be the best we can be. A leveled up peer group with incredibly genuine and driven women with high standards who want more . ~ Lindsay Smith
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