The GoBundance Difference

In GoBundance, we embrace our members and care about each other in a very whole way. We support our tribe members in business and in life! High-achieving successful women sometimes feel lonely on their entrepreneurial journey. Having a welcoming and inclusive peer group is so important to feel connected and give you the support you need to reach new heights! Our sisterhood is all about giving. As a part of GoBundance, you will be connected with badass women who care about your business, your success, your personal development, your health, your emotional well-being, and your life!

Criteria for membership into GoBundance Women Tribe requires being accredited investor (individual income of $200,000; joint income of $300,000 and/or net worth of $1,000,000 or more). Special exceptions are made on a case by case basis for women who are on the cusp of achieving accredited investor status and have demonstrated in their field exceptional passion, drive and measurable success.

Our Story

Nineteen women, nearly all strangers to each other, gathered in San Diego in December 2018 with a mission and shared passion. Each woman was nominated to join the design summit for her successes and unique talents that she could bring the group.

At this immersive design summit, we created the groundwork for the GoBundance Women’s tribe. Our professions and successes are diverse, yet we all share the common mission of being a high-level mastermind as well as a supportive and connected tribe.
We shared our experiences of triumphs and failures. The unique culture of our group allowed us to reach deep levels of connection and vulnerability in such a supportive space. There is none of stereotypical ‘catty’ behavior that sadly gives women’s groups a negative reputation. We embrace an abundant mindset where we can joyfully celebrate each other’s successes, beauty, and badassery in a way that doesn’t diminish our own. In fact, being a part of such an amazing peer group elevates us all!
Since the design summit, we have remained deeply connected. As we all lead our busy lives, we have had business wins and losses. We have experienced death of loved ones, overwhelm, and frustrating setbacks. We are real people supporting each other on these amazing journeys as we all try to lead our best lives.

We are very inclusive to any women who feel drawn to our mission, purpose, and supportive culture. Each new tribe member can expect the same level of nurturing support!

Our events are immersive and transformative. We look forward to embracing new members and getting to know you in person at our next national event!

About GoBundance

GoBundance is a high-level mastermind group and supportive tribe for successful women who want to Grab Life Big!

It all started with a napkin…

In 1997, David Osborn and Pat Hiban became friends and accountability partners, encouraging each other’s success over the years. In 2005, Tim Rhode joined and they formed the Three Amigos accountability group with structure to help plan, execute, and achieve financial and lifestyle goals. These amazing guys created a support system and took yearly adventures to bucket-list places all around the world.

In 2012, on a bar napkin, the Three Amigos created a plan for a tribe of individuals who want to Grab Life Big and get the most out of life. From there, the GoBundance tribe grew and flourished to be the amazing success that it is today. This group of healthy, wealthy, generous, successful men are leading epic lives and making a huge impact!

And these wise men realize something very important…

The future is female!

With shared wisdom and support, the Women’s group was created! Embracing the spirit and principles from the elders, we are putting our unique fingerprint on the group. We support each other in personal and professional development, health, wealth building, business success, maintaining authentic relationships, making genuine contributions, and so much more!!

Member Testimonials

  • For too long I felt like I was out on a lonely island on this journey to live consciously and grow constantly. I’d outgrown many of my friends, the achiever men in my life just didn’t ‘get it,’ yet I knew there had to be other women out there as passionate about living life and being their best as I was. I’m happy to say I’ve finally found a group of women who not only want the best for themselves but who also want the best for me. ~ Adair Cates
  • I was excited to meet fellow high-achieving women to create a mastermind. Joining this group did not meet my high expectations, it exceeded them by leaps and bounds!! These diverse successful women are badass, smart, hard-working, and are rocking it! But it is more than just the business acumen! The bonding and emotional support are transformative and life-changing! And to see women be strong and vulnerable and share their souls is exactly what I’ve been missing. ~ Jaime Hope
  • The GoBundance Men's Group was always something that intrigued me and I thought if only there was a Women's Chapter. Flash forward 5 years and to say the experience of being with these ladies was awe inspiring is an understatement. We laughed, cried and shared deeply of ourselves. This group of ladies challenges, supports, celebrates and pushes us all to be the best we can be. A leveled up peer group with incredibly genuine and driven women with high standards who want more . ~ Lindsay Smith
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