We strive to maximize our physical condition so that our healthspan will match our lifespan. It is not about having a certain body type, it is all about feeling powerful, energetic, confident, and strong in our own skin. We encourage healthy eating, empowering exercise, restful sleep, and great stress release practices.

How We Live This Pillar:
1. Monday Self Care Accountability
2. Monthly Masterclasses with Subject Matter Experts
3. Archived videos from leading experts in health and fitness



We are willing to be perfectly imperfect. In our vulnerability, we find incredible strength. We empower you to show up AS you are, as WHO you are and to truly connect. We are a tribe of women, REAL women, who support each other at our worst and at our best.

How We Live This Pillar:
1. Access to a tribe of bad ass, successful entrepreneurial women
2. Monthly Inner Power Hours
3. Access to the FamBundance Community with tips on building on strong family relationships
4. Monthly Masterclasses with Subject Matter Experts
5. Self-organized local and regional meet-ups



We work hard for our success and we enjoy playing hard too! Whether dancing the night away or on a tropical adventure, we frequently incorporate play into our lives! We embrace the abundant joy in adventures and love sharing these moments with our tribe! Our motto is that we all deserve the most VIP experiences, services and adventures available and they are exactly what we as a tribe share together. We don't cut corners, but rather indulge in the fabulousness that we deserve as bad ass, successful women!

How We Live This Pillar:
1. Unique trips
2. VIP experiences in our retreats
3. 2 in person events a year



We will stand with you to ensure you follow through on your commitments and your big ideas. Your tribe will support you to ensure you aren’t holding yourself back from grabbing life BIG!! The sky isn’t even close to the limit for your ambitions, let us soar together!

How We Live This Pillar:
1. One Sheet Reviews
2. Monthly POD Calls
3. #ASK, #GIVE, #PRAISE on Facebook



We live purposeful lives and give back to our communities in meaningful ways. This is part of the GoBundance circle of growth and our way of life. Every event will include service activities and we encourage consistent acts of service from every member of our tribe.

How We Live This Pillar:
1. Events with fundraising
2. Impact Project – Positively impact the lives of 1,000,000 women and girls by 2025 by GoBundance Women
3. KIVA microloans team



We encourage successful wealth-building practices. Having multiple sources of income and investments is the path to growth. We embrace the idea “its not what you make, its what you do with what you make” to help you build a lifetime of wealth and encourage financial freedom.

How We Live This Pillar:
1. Access to Wealth Building Wednesday Opportunities with GoBundance Men’s Tribe
2. Masterminding with GoBundance Women’s Tribe to discuss


We let our members do the talking...

Adair Cates

I’d outgrown many of my friends and the achiever men just didn’t "get it". I finally found a group of women who want the best for themselves and the best for me.

Jaime Hope

To see badass, smart, successful women be strong and vulnerable and share their souls is exactly what I’ve been missing. 

Lindsey Smith

This is a leveled up peer group with incredibly genuine and driven women with high standards who want more .

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