GoBundance is a high-level mastermind group and supportive tribe for successful women who want to Grab Life Big!

It all started with a napkin…

In 1997, David Osborn and Pat Hiban became friends and accountability partners, encouraging each other’s success over the years. In 2005, Tim Rhode joined and they formed the Three Amigos accountability group with structure to help plan, execute, and achieve financial and lifestyle goals. These amazing guys created a support system and took yearly adventures to bucket-list places all around the world.

In 2012, on a bar napkin, the Three Amigos created a plan for a tribe of individuals who want to Grab Life Big and get the most out of life. From there, the GoBundance tribe grew and flourished to be the amazing success that it is today. This group of healthy, wealthy, generous, successful men are leading epic lives and making a huge impact!

And these wise men realize something very important…

The future is female!

With shared wisdom and support, the Women’s group was created! Embracing the spirit and principles from the elders, we are putting our unique fingerprint on the group. We support each other in personal and professional development, health, wealth building, business success, maintaining authentic relationships, making genuine contributions, and so much more!!

Our Difference

Our Story


We let our members do the talking...

Adair Cates

I’d outgrown many of my friends and the achiever men just didn’t "get it". I finally found a group of women who want the best for themselves and the best for me.

Jaime Hope

To see badass, smart, successful women be strong and vulnerable and share their souls is exactly what I’ve been missing. 

Lindsey Smith

This is a leveled up peer group with incredibly genuine and driven women with high standards who want more .

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