Tribe of Amazing Badass Women

Connect. Grow. Play.

We have 3 different types of trips to enjoy. The first are Retreats that fosters masterminding, connecting and crowdsourcing wisdom. The second are Adventures trips with intention to be active, physical and exploratory. The third are Meetups which are local, flexible, creative gatherings where the agenda and content is 100% up to the discretion women who host or attend. Work hard, play hard, baby! That's how we roll.


We are a unique gathering of badass, successful and heart centered women. This is a place to learn, grow and play together as we celebrate each others successes, catch blindspots, challenge and support each other. This a "no drama" zone. We pride ourselves and protect our culture. New members with open arms in sisterhood.


We are a group of learning based women that are dedicated to mastering our skills and learning new skills by bringing in industry leaders from across the globe. Whether it's experts that have worked with the FBI, Google or founder of multi-billion dollar empires, we believe in learning from the best. 


High-achieving successful women sometimes feel lonely on their entrepreneurial journey. You are not alone in your success, dreams and goals. Connecting with other powerful, generous and kind women is hard to achieve locally. That's why we are gathered from across the globe to connect, grow and have fun together. We work hard, play hard and connect deep. If this sounds like you, apply to discover what you've been missing!


We let our members do the talking...

Adair Cates

I’d outgrown many of my friends and the achiever men just didn’t "get it". I finally found a group of women who want the best for themselves and the best for me.

Jaime Hope

To see badass, smart, successful women be strong and vulnerable and share their souls is exactly what I’ve been missing. 

Lindsey Smith

This is a leveled up peer group with incredibly genuine and driven women with high standards who want more .

Discover what you've been missing.

Connect. Grow. Play.

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